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LanParte LA3D2 3-Axis Advanced Gimbal for GoPro, Xiaomi 4K, Session, and Sony

LanParte LA3D2 3-Axis Advanced Gimbal for GoPro, Xiaomi 4K, Session, and Sony

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  • 3 Versatile Shooting Functions (180º/ Portrait/ 360º Pano) & 3 Different Operation Modes (Follow/ Semi- Follow- Tilt Locked / Fully Locked) & Low-Angle Inverted Shooting Capability
  • Joystick Replaces Buttons for Better Control of the Gimbal (Pan/ Tilt/ Roll). Pan and Tilt Control Available at the Same Time.
  • Handheld and Detachable/ Mountable with wired-control. 
  • Equipped with Half Frame Clamp for GoPro and other Action Cams and Industry Standard 1/4-20 Threaded Holes at the Bottom of the Handle and when Detached for Mounting
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero3, Hero4, Hero5 Black, Session 4 and 5, Xiaomi Yi II 4K, Sony Action Cam

 LA3D2 User Manual PDF

The most versatile handheld, detachable, mountable gimbal for GoPro with detachable wired control. Takes common 2 x 18350 batteries (3+ hours use) and 2 x 18650 batteries with handle extender (for 7+ hours use). The LanParte LA3D2 Gimbal incorporates cutting-edge brushless motors, allowing you to shoot cinema grade videos with your action camera. If you are tired of shaky videos, get yourself a LanParte LA3D2! The LA3D2 can also be detached and mounted on many platforms (jib, tripod, chest mount, bike, car, etc.) using the GoPro mount (can be removed for access to a 1/4-20 threaded hole) or 1/4-20 standard threaded hole at bottom of the grip, making it compatible with just about anything.

Three operation modes:

- follow mode (camera follows the tilt and pan movements of your wrist, adjust roll with joystick)

- semi-follow mode (camera tilt is locked but can be adjusted joystick; camera follows pan)

- fully locked mode (all axis locked; tilt and pan adjustments can be made with joystick)

Package Contents:

1 x Gimbal head

1 x Gimbal handle

1 x Detachable control cable

1 x Battery extender

2 x LIPO 18350 batteries

1 x Charger

1 x Ballistic nylon carrying case